Elgol Skyscape

[Elgol Skyscape]

A view looking South South West across the croft land of the village of Elgol. If you see white dots on the ground they are probably sheep. There may occasionally be red deer too, but they are much harder to spot!

Daylight and weather permitting, the island of Rùm is visible in the distance. In some conditions you can just see clear water between Skye & Rùm in the lowest nick in the local scenery; if that's the case, the Rùm shore you can see is 10 miles away. The higher hills on Rùm are approximately 14 miles away and the highest, Askival is 812m (2,664 ft) high. Those factors can help give an idea of visibility & cloud base.

If the sun is within view then it's probably not as dark here as the image might suggest! In mixed cloud & sunshine, the automatic exposure control can make it almost look like night in the middle of the day.

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