About This Station

The station is powered by a combination of data from a Davis VP2 weather station, a series of '1-wire' sensors from Hobby-Boards (via OWFS and custom software), and (via an RFXCOM receiver) various Oregon Scientific weather sensors (WMR200 and WMR928). All the data is logged and (except for the forecast) uploaded by Meteohub software.

Latitude: 57° 9' 17" N
Longitude 6° 5' 27" W
Altitude: 100m

Aspect: The site is sheltered by Ben Cleat (277m) & Ben Meabost (345m), reducing wind exposure between W and N.

About This Location

We are in Elgol on the Isle of Skye.

Why "24" Elgol?

Elgol is a crofting township. Crofts have numbers. We are on croft 24.

About This Website

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